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January 17, 2015


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In-Studio with Jerry Harper with Harper’s Nurseries & Landscaping Company!

Tip of the Week:  It’s time to plant fruit trees!

(Jerry explains “Chill Hours” when it comes to growing fruit.  (the # of hours below 40 degrees that plant needs to stimulate blooming/fruit)

Fruits that do well in the valley: Apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums.  (Nuts and pomegranate’s as well)

Romey & Jerry talk through properly planting a fruit tree to help you grow a successful plant:

  • “Dig a 10 dollar hole for a 5 dollar plant”
  • Add organic fertilizer
  • Backfill correctly


  • Kimberly – She is trying to help her mother sell her home and wants to add a lawn to help sell the property.  Is it too late to put in a winter lawn or at least look good in March when it hits the market.

Recommendation – Rye grass would probably grow, but it would only be temporary. Jerry thinks a sod would be a more permanent solution.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Jennifer covers why you should be using lithium instead of an alkaline battery:

The reason?! When an alkaline battery dies, it simply beeps for a few hours (while you’re at work) and you might miss it, not knowing the battery died. Lithium batteries die slowly and give you time to figure it out. Thanks to Tekna Security!

*Rosie talks about an event at the Rockler Woodworking & Hardware Company.


  • Caroline – She just installed a new AC unit and the company she’s using told her that the indoor coil is oxidizing and rusting. They want to install a coil guard to prevent this. Have we ever heard about this?

Recommendation – Rosie happens to know the Trane representative and is going to send over a rep.  We’re going to give her a second opinion.

Romey takes us into the Digital Newsroom:

  • Matt – Testimonial! He recently had Arizona Chimney Sweep out and was so impressed with their service, he posted a note on his blog.
  • Jan – She says she’d “Kiss you if I could!” Knight Air Conditioning was fabulous!
  • William – “Big Mike” from Acme Locksmith had just been out to his house and he loves his service. Acme is also adding 3 locations in Arizona!

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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(running time 11:48)
Segment 2
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Segment 3
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Segment 4
(running time 6:23)

**John with The Mighty Electricians called in to offer his help to inspect the home of a previous caller during the last hour. Thanks to John!!!

Ann Lyons, Rosie-Certified interior designer,  joins us to talk through the latest innovations in kitchen remodeling!

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, consider these Rosie partners:



*Ann shares her story and how she got into Interior Design. She was born into!

*We recap some bad trends from the 80’s and beyond…..ugh!

*Appliances are more $$$….more accessories.

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