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December 9, 2023

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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No Excuse For Getting A Permit


  • John Earhart/Plan Review Manager – City Of Tempe
  • Lisa Hertzog/Plan Review Coordinator – City Of Phoenix


  • Don’t be afraid to get a building permit
    • Your taxes pay to get the permit service provided
    • Compliance and codes are covered
    • You can find out if a permit is needed or not
    • Help for property additions former owners did without a permit to get it straight
  • Excuses for not pulling a permit
    • More than just structural work may need it
    • It was a DIY project so no permit needed
    • Permits are there for life safety reasons


Removing the Excuses for Not Getting a Permit


On The House Topic: “I am the homeowner and am doing the work myself. I don’t need a permit.” – not so fast my friend! Let’s get this straight. There are many reasons why you need a permit for your project. For most homeowners, the idea of getting a permit conjures up emotions such as fear and loathing. We invited John Earhart, plan review manager with the City of Tempe, and Lisa Hertzog, plan review coordinator from the City of Phoenix, to explain the permit process. Learning more about the process should make it feel less daunting. Here are some reasons why you need a permit… READ MORE IN THIS BLOG>> and scroll below for a breakout of each segment in this podcast with resource links.

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