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April 29, 2023

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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RV Ownership



  • Seeing Arizona by boots and burgers on trails to wheels in an RV
  • Rosie looks back at summer road trips with the kids to the farm in Louisiana
  • Different styles and types of RVs to consider.
    • How are you going to use it
    • Whats the family composition look like
    • Where do you want to use it
    • Where are you storing it
  • Roger’s book ‘Arizona State Parks’ is a great starting point for RVs


Roger Naylor’s New Book: Awesome Arizona!

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Weekly To Do #RVHomeownership


Weekly To-Do Topic: #RVHomeownership | Are you considering living on the go in an RV? Have you considered everything involved with living on the road? We asked some folks who have used RVs as a weekend getaway and have transitioned to living full-time in a larger Class-A RV. Starting with the part-time use of an RV, they require owners to pay attention to many facets that need to be considered before jumping in. Whether it’s a tow behind or a motorhome, here are some points to ponder… READ MORE IN THIS DIY ARTICLE>> and scroll below for a breakout of each segment in this podcast with resource links.

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