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August 16, 2014


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In-Studio with Certified Arborist John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service

Tree of the Month:  The Mesquite Tree…….Listen as John discusses the different varieties and why its so popular in Arizona!

Special Guest 
– John’s friend, Bonnie Irvine, President-Elect for the Arizona Community Tree Council.  She and her husband move trees and we discuss what it takes and how big of a tree you can move.



  • Laura – She has a pine tree that have branches that are sagging and are in the way.  Is this normal and if she trims them, what’s the proper way to treat it?

Recommendation – The sagging is normal and if she cuts the branches back to the trunk, that should be fine and no need to treat the cut.

*The guys discuss pruning versus trimming trees.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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We discuss the recent rain and one of Rosie’s favorite sites to track Arizona weather. It’s Rain Log website, Here!

CONSUMER ALERT:  After the heavy rains, beware of the scammer’s who come in to take advantage. We discuss what you should be doing to make the right choice.

*Always visit the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website, here.


  • Brett – He had a problem with his Air Conditioning a few weeks ago and wanted to thank Integrity Air Conditioning for doing such an incredible job. Brad went the extra mile and listener’s should know about the great service they provide!


  • Scott – He has a brand new house with several issues. One of the issues is with the interior doors. They are an inch and a half or more from the floor, leaving gaps under each door and he wants to know what to do.


We continue with Scott’s question in the next segment…….

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Segment 2
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Segment 3
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(running time 5:51)

In-Studio with Nate & Curtis with Blue Sky Pest Control!

We’re talking Termites and other Critters!

Curtis shares all the options homeowner’s have when it comes to eliminating termites here in Arizona.

  • What to expect in a bare lot if you’re planning to build new.
  • Do you see “mud tunnels” in your home….now what??
  • Professional’s should use Termidor.  (We discuss why it’s so effective)

*Learn the difference between “Repellent” versus “Non-repellant” and what the right application is for each type.



  • Wade – He just replaced his floor and was very careful to watch for termite damage. He didn’t find anything, but when he went to clean the scrap pile in his garage, he found a damaged table. He knows the termites are isolated to the garage. Can he treat only part of his house or does that mean the whole house is infected?

Recommendation – We’ll answer it in the next segment……..

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