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April 15, 2017


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It’s tax season, so we have Dr. Dean from Grand Canyon University her for another history lesson!

  • Why this year, taxes aren’t due on April 15th.
  • How President Lincoln influenced the income tax.
  • Rosie reaches out to Clay with Phocus Insurance Services to calculate current rates based on figures simliar to those around the 1870’s.
  • Did you know that the federal income tax was once labeled unconstitutional?


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With Spring here, we have the tree expert here for you! John Eisenhower with Integrity Tree Service offers advice and answers your questions.

  • John brought Dr. Chris Martin from ASU to visit today!
  • Learn about sustainibility when it comes to Arizona landscape.
  • Planting the right plants for the right area and how that effects our environment.
  • How planting in a city differs from most areas.
  • “Rooting space” required for a healthy tree.
  • How to minimize leaf loss and how to prune for this.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Learn about Smart Homes and we answer your homeonwer questions!

  • Rosie talks about a pair who does “recreational tree climbing” all over the world.
  • Talking about getting the Nascar feeling in a race car. Sounds fun!
  • Integrating home technology and Romey’s impression on the good/bad.
  • Cooking with an app?
  • Jennifer shares her story about a smart home you can win from HGTV and her tour.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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(running time 11:57)
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(running time 13:55)
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(running time 6:22)

Listen to our “Day With a Painter” as the experts from Arizona Painting Company are here!

  • How often should you repaint your homes exterior?
  • Why the Arizona Painting Company has confidence in a ten year warranty.
  • Prepping tips on dealing with cracks in the stucco.
  • What if it has been neglected for a very long time?
  • What brand of paint the guys prefer.
Weekend Wake-Up HourStart your morning off with Rosie on the House as we talk with a special guest Dr. Dean from Grand Canyon University about the history of Tax Day!
Outdoor Living Hour – Talking Trees!
John Eisehower of Integrity Tree Service joins us this weekend to talk about pruning and tree pests.

Topic of the Week: The Wonderful Stuff In A Smart Home!
Everybody talks about smart houses, but many of us wonder if they really work the way they should and whether we’re tech-savvy enough to live in a home full of widgets and touch screens.
Homeowner Topic: A Day With A Painter!

Joe Cambell with The Arizona Painting Company is here to answer your questions!   

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