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7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 13:05)

Rosie & Jennifer are live from the SAHBA Homeshow in Tucson!

  • Arizona's football weekend update with Rosie.
  • Explaining our fascination with "Earthships"
  • Jennifer's experience traveling to Tucson and the beautiful skies over AZ.
  • Discussing what you can see in the recent Arizona Highways Magazine.
  • Have you seen AZ Big Media's Experience AZ Magazine?
  • Some hiking destinations to check out in Arizona.

Segment 2 (running time 6:30)

  • Some of our favorite destinations you NEED to check out.
  • Places you must see in Southern Arizona, like Coronado National Forest.
  • The unique story of some of the 1st explorers in Arizona & a few trip recommendations.

Segment 3 (running time 12:30)

*A recent winner had a sweet treat from Coyote Oatie Cookies. If you win, you could win a package form Cerreta Candy Company too!

Text From a Listener:

  • Are the Chiracahua's a State Park? I love that park!
  • Rosie & Jennifer talk about some of their favorite destinations in Southern Arizona.

Segment 4 (running time 7:44)

  • Jennifer's "Dream Arizona Staycation"

We talk with SAHBA Homeshow Manager Jennifer Bailey.

  • What's involved in the setup & the history of the homeshow.
  • What to expect over the weekend & the hours you can visit.
  • Adopt a pet, see some great vendors and great food.

8:00AM - Outdoor Living

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Segment 1 (running time 11:43)

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  • Weather and the rain make for a great transition to fall planting after the summer heat in Southern Arizona.
  • Rivers and streams that helped establish the farms and ranches in Arizona.
  • Tips on fall vegetable gardens.
  • Why we love raised planters for Arizonan's. Check out Belgard Products for yours!

Segment 2 (running time 6:59)

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  • Keith - He wants to rebuild the irrigation manifold in his backyard and it was leaking, causing roots from the tree next door to damage the wall. Can he use a flexible tube and what type should he use?

Recommendation - The pressure valve isn't going to reduce the pressure like Keith was expecting because he needs that pressure to activate his pop-up spray heads. Tony walks him through his options. 

Text From a Listener:

  • What's our favorite sprinkler head for the lawn?

Recommendation - Spider Sprays are the best, according to Tony. They cost a bit more, but you'll make it back in time because they last longer.

Segment 3 (running time 12:36)

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  • Ida - She has weeds taking over her lawn....what can she do to get rid of it before she puts in her winter lawn?

Recommendation - It could be a couple of different types of weed and we talk her through what it could be.  More than likely, she needs a spray application. Tony talks through some of the problems with the "Weed and Feed" fertilizers.  Take the weed into the local nursery and get an experts recommendation. Look for Surge Broadleaf Herbicide. Rosie & Jennifer used it on their lawn and it looks great.

*Applying certain herbicides with temps too hot can burn up your lawn, so READ THE DIRECTIONS!

Text From a Listener:

  • Can he plant from seed beets, carrots, pumpkins and spaghetti squash?

Recommendation - Beets and carrots...yes. It's a little late for pumpkins and squash, even for Phoenix. Tony talks through all his options.

  •  Tony is working on a soil compost fertilizer called Earth's Original Organics. 

Text From a Listener:

  • Does they have Sissou Trees in Tucson and are they as big of a problem as they are in Phoenix? How do I kill it?

Recommendation - No, they can freeze and die with the colder temps. They grow so fast and they can break in the wind.  We talk through Tony's options and his tips on killing it.

Segment 4 (running time 6:38)

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  • More options for classes to take with Tony.
  • Raised planters are great in AZ. We love Belgard products. Some people like using railroad ties, so we disucss why that's not a good idea.

Text From a Listener:

  • Tom - He's removing 6 inches of soil from their bermuda lawn? Does he need to reseed it or will it come back? He has flood irrigation.

Recommendation - The roots can be 3 feet deep on bermuda, so if he doesn't get all the roots, it will come back. It will take quite a bit of time, though and he could put in seed next spring to speed it up. We talk him through a great method to get it done.

*Tips on renting a tiller if you need one.  Make sure to ask the neighbor's if they'd like to use it too. Share the cost and get a big one. The smaller models won't work in AZ soils.

9:00AM - On The House Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 11:20)

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Arizona is notorious for hard water & their is so much bad information out there, so we talk water treatment with Kinetico Water Systems of Tucson!

  • The difference between water "Softening" & "Treatment"
  • Their is no such thing as a "salt-free water softener"  We explain why.
  • We answer the question "what is softened water?"

Segment 2 (running time 6:31)

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  • Dealing with Chromium 6. Do NOT let this be used as a scare tactic. It's pretty simple to get rid of.
  • Equipment we DON't recommend. Don't waste your money.
  • Make sure whatever equipment is approved by the Water Quality Association. We're also big fans of David with the Arizona Water Quality Association
  • Equipment we're skeptical of and why.
  • Different levels of treatment. What do you want done for your home?

Segment 3 (running time 12:29)

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  • Different levels of water treatment, depending on your area and the issues there.
  • 3 ways to purify water...boiling, distilling or reverse osmosis.
  • What you should take out of your water and what you should leave in.

Text From a Listener:

  • Is there a product that can filter out bacteria?

Recommendation - Yes, and Kinetico systems are rated to get rid of 99.99 percent of those contaminants.

  • The responsibility of the public treatment versus the homeowner and what they should expect to have done for their own system.
  • What it takes to truly "soften" water.

Text From a Listener:

  • Is there a difference in the type of salt you use in those systems?

Recommendation - No and we talk through what types are used and the most common type, plus the misconception around salt in your water.

  • The maintenance required with your system.

Segment 4 (running time 5:53)

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  • More benefits from softened water. Save on soaps, lotions, etc. and the life expectancy of your appliances.

Text From a Listener:

  • Do electronic water softener's work?

Recommendation - They do as long as you know how the system works.  Listen to Mike describe it. 

  • Wrapping up our final thoughts you can use to make your decision on water treatment.

If you're in Southern Arizona and like what you heard, call Kinetico Water Systems!

10:00AM - Open Home Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:07)

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  • Previewing the rest of the weekend at the SAHBA Homeshow.

Our impression of Earthships:

  • Rosie & Jennifer's recent stay in one.
  • Why Rosie was inspired during his stay.....Independence.
  • Talking through the different components of the home.
  • Jennifer reads the "Mission Statement" for Earthships.

Segment 2 (running time 6:17)

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  • Vince - He moved here a few years ago and wants to know if ther is there a way to chill the water here in the summer?

Recommendation - Yes. You can install a holding tank and use it as a cooling station. Listener's have used the cheapest water heater to use as a tank. (Not turning on the water heater)

  • Rich - He wants to buy a home, but there is a depression in the backyard along with a crack in the bottom of that. What can he do?

Recommendation - If it's a true fissure, there's not a whole lot that can be done. The area he's looking at is susceptible to fissures.  Rosie shares a site to check and researche the area and a few unfortunate stories.

Segment 3 (running time 12:13)

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More on Earthships Goals:

  • "To make small believable steps towards slowing down and ultimately reversing the negative impact of human development as it relates to the earths ability to continue to support us and to present these steps in a way that affords easy understanding & inspires people to act."
  • "To collect their own power from the sun & wind."
  • "Harvest their own water from rain & snow melt."


  • Greg - What do we think of cast iron tubs vs. porcelain on steel vs. a good acrylic tub? There is custom tile work around the tub he's replacing and he wants it to last.

Recommendation - Rosie talks through all his options....the pros/cons. Each one has it's benefits and we talk through the benefits of each surface.

Back to Earthships:

  • There is an app called "The Simple Survival Earthship" where you can download plans.
  • Rosie details some of the construction materials and methods.

Segment 4 (running time 6:30)

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  • Discussing the concepts of Earthships and that you don't need to take on the whole concept, but take on the parts that make sense for you.
  • We talk about the miniature house builty by Tuff Shed at the homeshow!


  • Paul - He has termites under his home. What alternatives does he have to drilling the unsightly holes all over his home?

Recommendation - Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot to be done because we need to get under the slab to treat the colonies. He can call Blue Sky Pest Control or Action Termite for a visit and some alternative options.

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