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Did you make a resolution to get organized this year? If so, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most popular goals people set for the new year.

But just like the other resolutions, it’s not the easiest to see through. To make sure this is the year when you truly get organized, check out these ten simple tips that can make all the difference.

1 | Place Storage in Your Entry

Your entry foyer or mudroom tends to get the most traffic, which also means the biggest potential for clutter. This year keep it clean and uncluttered by installing storage options, like a coat rack, wall hooks or a durable rug. These simple solutions remind guests (and your children) to keep their things up and out of the way, leaving the entrance to your house well organized.

2 | Invest in a Storage Ottoman

Your living space is where you and your family relax and recharge at the end of the day. But that can be difficult when it’s cluttered with stuff. To keep your living room organized this year, invest in a storage ottoman to store common clutter, like blankets, pillows, magazines, books and remotes. And there’s a bonus: your storage ottoman also acts like a foot rest—for instant comfort and relaxation. 

3 | Use Baskets and Jars in the Pantry

One of the most stressful times of day is when you’re trying to figure out dinner. Most commonly, it’s due to an unorganized pantry. This year keep your pantry in line by using baskets and jars to store ingredients. You can dedicate a basket to holding pastas, another to canned goods and the last to produce (like potatoes and onions). Then, use glass jars to store grains, beans and nuts, so you can always see what you have at a glance (see header photo above).

4 | Hang a Pan Rack

Storing your pans in a cabinet is a recipe for disaster. Put simply, there’s not an efficient way to stack your pots and pans (especially in a small cubic box). Say goodbye to your awkward, clunky pan cabinet by hanging a pan rack. These aren’t too difficult to install (as long as you can find a joist) and make grabbing a pan for what you need quick and easy.

5 | Declutter and Stack Storage Containers

Let’s face it: we all own more storage containers for food than we’ll ever need. This year, avoid a tupperware tumble when you open the cabinets by decluttering and reorganizing your food storage containers. Donate or give away the pieces you no longer use. Then, be resourceful to to store your containers in a way that’s easy to see and grab. For example, stack container bottoms according to size and reuse an old dish-drying rack, CD holder or attach a magazine file box to the inside of the cabinet door to hold lids.

6 | Use Plastic Drawers in Vanities

Most vanity cabinets weren’t designed with optimal storage in mind. For instance, the wide open space under the sink is not ideal for keeping multiple items organized and in place. You can fix this challenge by purchasing and placing plastic drawers inside the vanity. 

7 | Setup Cubbies in Kids’ Rooms

Children aren’t usually the best when it comes to organizing their room. But you can give them tools to make organization and clean up easier. Set up cubby storage in your child’s room (and their playroom), choosing one with different-colored cubbies so they can easily find each item’s home. Then, show your child what colors correspond with what items. You could dedicate blue to dolls or action figures, red to balls or musical instruments and yellow to cars or imaginary-play items.

8 | Hang a Bag in the Car for Trash

A cluttered car is the bane of our existence. Especially, when you already have a stressful commute to deal with. Take care of car clutter by hanging a bag for trash inside your car. Then, empty it out each week to keep your vehicle organized.

9 | Keep a Family Agenda

Getting your family organized (so they’re in the right place at the right time) is just as important as organizing your possessions. You can get everyone on track this year by recording your family’s agenda. Invest in a large calendar, chalk board or dry erase board and hang it in a visible place. Then keep track of important deadlines and events, so everyone knows what’s ahead and where they should be.

10 | Rent a Storage Unit

One of the most helpful tools for getting organized is a storage unit. Whether you’re decluttering the home, moving heirlooms or relocating vehicles, a storage unit is the perfect place to keep your things safe. Make this the year when you finally get organized by investing in the best storage solution of them all.


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