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“Hidden” Storage


    Before the gift-giving holidays arrive, you may want to assess your storage capacity for all the new goodies coming your way. Will you have space to store everything once the novelty of some gifts wears off?

    If you are like most homeowners, you don’t think you have enough storage space. Hmm, you may have more than you think. Here are some nooks and crannies that make excellent storage options. The Store It! Cabinet Caddy works well for small items in just about all of the following locations. The Container Store has storage options beyond your wildest expectations for every area of your home.

    Walls & Corners

    Cover an entire wall with open shelving, where you can display books, knick-knacks, and pictures. Place decorative baskets on them to hold small items you want to keep out of sight, yet within easy reach.

    Place small decorative storage bins or sets of rolling drawers in corners to tuck away crafting supplies, throw blankets, or other home supplies.

    Bedroom Closets & Behind Doors

    If your closets are the old “pole-and-plank” style with a single rod for hanging clothes and a shelf so high you can’t reach it, get ready to reorganize. Closet organizers let you add shelves, drawers, racks, hooks, and cubbyholes so every blouse, suit, shoe, and necklace have a place. At the very least, move the rod up to 84 inches from the floor. Add another one underneath that is 42 inches from the floor. Keep the tall shelf; it’s a good place to store seldom worn or seasonal clothing and shoes.

    Transform a closet door into extra storage using hooks and bars, organize jewelry, scarves, small handbags, and other accessories. In the guestroom, hang a gift-wrap caddy.

    Above Toilet Organizers

    If you are gifted with a lot of personal care items like lotions and soap, install an organizer above the toilet and tuck them away. Plus, it’s a very convenient place for extra TP.

    Kitchen Pantry

    Make room to store extra cans or boxes of the food you use on a regular basis. Chances are your pantry has two to three feet of wasted space near the floor. Place shelves from floor to ceiling in the pantry. Choose slide-out shelves so you can easily retrieve the cans and small appliances you keep in the closet. Add hooks behind the pantry door for easy access to oven mitts and aprons. Make the most of the shelves you do have with products like Expand a Shelf that increase the number of products you can put on your shelf as well as allow you to see them better.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Unless your cabinets are fairly new, you’re probably stacking pots, pans, dishes, and food so deep that you can’t see what’s in the back. Retrofit the cabinets with lazy Susans and slide-out shelves that make locating and retrieving items easy. Rev a Shelf works great to allow access to shelves that are hard to reach. Extend shelving or upper cabinets to the ceiling and store bulk and other items you rarely need.

    Work Spaces

    Install cabinets or open shelving under the kitchen island, the tool bench, and the bathroom vanity. If there is room under your work desk, add a couple of shelves and store the items you use regularly but clutter your desktop.

    Laundry Room

    Raise the washer and dryer and place them on top of sturdy utility drawers. Many brands sell drawers that can be installed below front-loading machines. They are perfect for storing detergent and other laundry supplies. Adding drawers also helps your back because of the ergonomic height when loading the laundry.

    Under The Stairs

    The space under the stairs offers plentiful square footage. Install extra lighting and make this space feel like a separate room by adding a curtain or small door. In addition to storage, add bookshelves and a chair or oversized pillows to create a reading nook, play area, or mediation space. It’s a great space for the kids in the house.

    Inside & Under Furniture

    Replace kitchen chairs with bench seating that opens up to double as storage chests; find ottomans with hollow centers for hiding magazines and game controllers. Coffee tables with storage compartments can hide games and magazines. In the front hallway, place a bench that can hold hats, bags, and jackets. A captain’s bed with drawers underneath helps to keep kids’ rooms tidy. In other bedrooms, flat, plastic containers are a good place to store sweaters, blankets, boots, wrapping paper, and other items you access seasonally.


    Keep your garage from being a catch all. Organize storage in the garage with hooks, suspended racks, plastic bins, and pegboards. Sports equipment, tools and seasonal decorations are easily stored there. Maximize the garage space by adding a mini split air conditioning unit to create a safe place for heat-sensitive belongings as well.

    Tip: Install cabinets with doors. With open shelves, you risk the contents falling on your car if you over-stuff them.

    Attic Space

    Use plastic tubs to store items in an accessible crawl space or attic. Be sure the bins are sealed tightly to avoid unwanted inhabitants and water damage. Also, don’t store anything heat sensitive such as candles or decorations containing glue.

    Storage Shed

    The perfect place for outdoor gear, pool supplies, and gardening equipment.

    And if you still have stuff, it’s time to take inventory. Whatever you no longer need and cannot store, you can sell or donate . . . so you can make space for more stuff!


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