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Determining The Right Shed For Your Needs

A good many of us likely have a shed on our property. A shed, for the purpose of this discussion, is a structure that is usually free-standing. It is typically used for storing things we don’t have room for in our homes. At least that’s what we thought until we talked with Rosie on the House Certified Partner, Urban Shed Concepts. The owners, Bob and Rachel Oxley, gave us some insights regarding the breadth of shed uses they have encountered, and some valuable words of advice on how to plan for your shed.

Should You Shed It?

If you can walk through your garage, with the cars in it, and not stumble on the bicycles, boxes, garden tools, and workbenches, well, you might not need a shed. When you walk around your yard and notice you have been storing bicycles, garden tools, or other equipment around the exterior, even under the patio roof, that might be an indication, along with the cluttered garage, you might benefit from having a shed. Easily accessing the things we have, is important. “If you can’t get to it, why have it!” says Rachel. Sound reasoning.

Bob tells us that storage is not the only use for a shed. If there is an activity where you do not have space in your home, or it interferes with your household operations, consider a shed for that purpose. An example is a home office. When COVID happened, many of us started working from home. After a few weeks of using the dining room table or kitchen counter as a workspace, many folks found that it did not work well in the long term. A detached space, like a shed, became a functional alternative serving as a home office.

How do you know if a shed is right for you? Start by looking around at the space needs that are not being met by your current home. This requires an honest assessment on your part. Is your garage a navigable space? Are you storing things in a second bedroom that you now need? Has the home office taken over the kitchen? These are just some of the reasons why a shed might meet your needs. We have all heard of the “Man Cave” and the “She Shed.” These are spaces where one might go to simply decompress.

Okay, Let’s Shed It!

Once you determine that a shed might be a solution for you, think through what you want that space to include. Determine what you want to store in the shed. That will help you decide how much space you need, and even how big the door needs to be.

If the shed is for use other than storage, you will need to be even more thoughtful about what you want in that space. We asked Bob and Rachel what some of the more extraordinary shed uses they had encountered. They constructed a shed that was used for stray cats in the neighborhood to seek shelter. That was perhaps the most heartwarming purpose we have ever heard of. Other uses include:

  • Home Gym
  • Office
  • Cigar lounge
  • Poolside bar
  • Animal barn
  • Just a space to escape to.

Once you have determined your space needs, it is time to consider a few other things. If you live in an area governed by an HOA, there are probably restrictions on location, height, size, roof configuration, and possibly the material the exterior can be made of and the color. The contractor you use should be able to help you design your shed to meet the specific needs you have, including accommodating and working with the HOA.

As mentioned earlier, knowing the function you want for the shed is necessary to create a good design. If it is going to be an office, you may want a window or two, storing a riding mower may require larger doors. A cigar lounge in winter in Flagstaff will have different needs than one in Phoenix in the summer. Power needs, along with heating, venting, and possibly air conditioning, all need to be taken into consideration. These will affect the cost as well as functionality.

Shed Placement

Getting the shed where you want it will play a large role in how the shed is constructed. Bob tells us there are basically three ways to accommodate the installation. If you have sufficient access from the street to your backyard (an opening only one inch wider than the shed will do), then delivery of a prebuilt shed can be handled with specialized moving equipment. Another option is using a crane reaching over your house to the final location. The last option is to construct the shed on-site. Having premade walls and roof panels can help keep the cost down as long as those components can fit through the available opening.

Shed construction does not require a concrete foundation or floor slab. Urban Shed Concepts uses a wood platform as the base. The wood is heavily treated with what is known as a “wolmanizing” process. This process ensures the base’s ability to withstand the elements and insects. Frame walls and roofs can be finished in a variety of ways, just like in your home. Your contractor can help customize your shed. They should also be able to provide you with more standardized, premade shed solutions.

Consider an outdoor shed as much more than storage space.

Important: Permits, zoning approvals, and HOA approvals may be needed in your area. The company providing the shed should be able to assist you in getting all necessary approvals.


CONTENT PARTNER | Urban Shed Concepts

Urban Shed Concepts
(602) 455-1571

At Urban Shed Concepts, our commitment to quality and service runs deep in our DNA. As a family-run, locally owned and operated business, our reputation stands on customer satisfaction. Being local means we design and build sheds that stand up to Arizona’s demanding climate. It also means we are reachable and accountable. When you have a question, you can get through to the person who can answer it. When you need quick action, you get it. We make it easy on you at every step of the process—easy access; easy ordering; hassle-free delivery and set-up, and consistent communication.


Think sheds are for storing things you don’t have room for in your home?  Bob and Rachel Oxley of our newest Rosie Certified Partner Urban Shed Concepts talks about other uses they’ve designed and built for other applications.  With valuable advice on how to plan for your shed with ideas you may have never thought of.

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