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Spring cleaning season is finally here. Have you thought about how to organize your home yet?  Don’t fret if you haven’t. We have 12 simple storage hacks that you can accomplish in an afternoon and use all around your home:

1 | Use velcro to keep track of remotes

To prevent your remotes and game controllers from getting lost, stick a piece of velcro on the back of each one. Then, attach the other side of the velcro to inside your entertainment center or storage ottoman. Make sure you inform everyone in the house of where each remote goes and encourage them to stick to the system.

2 | Use glass jars to display K-Cups

The individual cups you put in your Keurig can become a cluttered mess. If you don’t have a place for them to live, glass jars are a simple solution for organizing and displaying K-Cups on your counter. Plus, there’s no need to buy new jars. You can repurpose old jars that once held candles or candy.

3 | Store plastic bags in old Lysol packages

Usually, we keep plastic bags hoping that we’ll use them again in the future. The problem is we usually don’t do a good job putting them away. Repurpose an old Lysol package (you know: the cylinder containers with a flip top) by storing plastic bags inside. The pop top makes grabbing a bag easy and mess free.

4 | Use a magazine holder to store paper plates

Keep an inexpensive, plastic or wood magazine holder in your pantry to store paper plates, napkins and other disposable items. They stack and slide perfectly into the magazine holder for easy perusing and grabbing.

5 | Purchase multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a great way to get more use out of a tight space. Depending on your storage needs, you could take advantage of a storage ottoman, a loveseat with storage under the seat, or a platform bed with drawers.

6 | Repurpose an over-the-door organizer

You can repurpose an over-the-door organizer (which is usually used for shoes) to hold anything. We’ve seen people use it to store gift wrapping supplies and parents use it for sorting children’s craft supplies.

7 | Use a utensil organizer to store jewelry

You know the plastic or wood separators you put into drawers to organize utensils? You can also use them to organize jewelry. Slip rectangular or square separators into closet drawers or place them on top of dressers to organize necklaces, bracelets and rings.

8 | Hang pants or shorts by the belt loop

Instead of folding pants or shorts into a drawer, you can take up less space by hanging them by the belt loop. Simply purchase curtain ring clamps that can hang around your clothes bar. Slide the ring around the bar and use the clasp to hold pants or shorts by the belt loop.

9 | Install wire baskets on back of closet doors

Wire baskets are a cheap, sleek and super simple way to create more storage space in your closet. Attach them to the backside of your closet doors, to the closet walls or put on top of dressers to hold scarves, socks and any other clothing items.

10 | Use empty wine bottles to store boots

If you’ve ever stored boots in the bottom of your closet, you’ve probably noticed how the leg of the boot droops. This sagging can misshapen and even damage the boot over time. An easy way to combat this is by inserting empty wine bottles into the boot while they’re in storage. The bottle keeps the boot erect, which protects it from creases, folds and weird shaping.

11 | Put plastic drawers in the medicine cabinet

Ever go to grab a band-aid and struggle to find where they are? A small set of plastic drawers is an easy solution to a messy medicine cabinet. You can even take it a step farther and use labels to categorize each drawer.

12 | Use curtains to cover clutter

If you have a closet that has no doors, or you have a storage niche in your house, you probably get sick of seeing what’s stored inside. Before you purchase an expensive door that’s difficult to install, hang a pair of curtains instead. They’re more affordable, simple to hang and add a fun touch of style to your space.


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