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Rosie’s deep fried a turkey!

Here is the Romero family recipe for deep fried turkey:


  • 1 whole turkey. We find turkeys in 10 – 12 pound range cook best.
  • 1 can of Cajun seasoning; Tony Chachere’s & Slap Ya’ Mama are most common.
  • Peanut oil. Enough to fill your deep fryer. NOTE: You can substitute up to 30% vegetable oil if you are short on peanut oil. The oil doesn’t keep long this way after use, but if you are in a bind, it will save you time!


  • Place the turkey in a pot and fill with water to just past the turkey legs
  • Remove the turkey and mark where the water level drops to
  • Fill the pot to this mark with peanut oil once you’ve emptied the water
  • Clean the turkey in the sink, removing all entrails and rinsing with water
  • Pour a generous amount of Tony’s all over the turkey; be generous with the seasonings inside of the cavity and get underneath and all around the wings and legs
  • Place completely dry and seasoned turkey in deep fry basket until ready to drop in oil

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Seasoned Pecan Recipe

A signature dish at the Romero household during Christmas season are Baby Kay’s Cajun-seasoned, roasted pecans.

Complete Recipe

Rosie’s Christmas Music Selections.

Believe it or not, not all music played at the Romero’s during Christmas time is Cajun music, but still not your typical mainstream music. Common albums left on repeat during Christmas time include Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers’ Once Upon a ChristmasElvis Classic Christmas & Amy Grant’s A Christmas Album.

But Rosie’s Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the occasional squeezebox and fiddle! The following link has Rosie’s complete Christmas music list including his Cajun Christmas favorites.


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