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Attend The Great American Seed Up!

Growing Your Own Food and Taking Care of Your Garden

If you like growing your own food and taking care of your garden you will want to #SaveThoseSeeds and check out the #GreatAmericanSeedUp!

Picture yourself entering a room with over 100 varieties of climate appropriate seeds ready to be scooped up and taken home for planting and/or saving. This is exactly what the Great American Seed Up is all about: #SaveThoseSeeds. “The idea is to give valley residents an opportunity to learn about seed saving and then harvest as many ounces of seed they wish to take home,” says Farmer Greg Peterson, Urban Farm Founder and local seed saver. The Great American Seed Up partners with the Uptown Phoenix Farmers Market. The event features a seed bazaar with bulk quantities of popular vegetable seed varieties available for purchase at bulk discounts.

Learn More About The Great American Seed Up!

The Great American Seed Up!



Homeowner Handbook: #GreatAmericanSeedUp #SaveThoseSeeds



Learn from the experts how to save seeds for planting now and proper seed storage for future planting. Farmer Greg Peterson and Bill McDorman discuss the 5 easiest seeds to save. We cover seed saving for more than just vegetables and grains; we also include corn and wheat. The goal is to give you the opportunity to learn about seed saving so you can harvest the many seeds produced by what you plant. We also want you to learn about The Great American Seed Up! It’s a wonderful resource.

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In celebration of The Great American Seed Up, Farmer Greg and guest Bill McDorman of The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance talk about everything you need to know about seeds.  From vegetables to herbs, grain and corn, it all starts with seeds. It’s a lot more than just planting them in the ground.

Podcast Archive With Expanded Content and Resources


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