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You can, and you should consider it.

Consider refacing and refinishing instead of tearing everything out and starting from scratch.

Step 1: the bathtub. It probably looks worn out, but its structure is intact. If so, don’t tear it out. Instead, cover it with a molded acrylic tub liner. Acrylic liners are durable, scratch-resistant and dent-resistant. They’re non-porous,  so they won’t stain, rust or encourage mildew to grow. You can cover your old tile and grout with acrylic as well in patterns ranging from simulated tile to faux granite and marble.

Step 2: the cabinets. Don’t rip them apart. Just replace just the cabinet doors. Even easier: Refinish or paint them. Dark, chocolate browns are the “new neutral” and easily cover marks and dents. If you like brighter colors, make the cabinets the room’s focal point by painting them dark red or green. If you want something splashier, consider a faux finish that looks like marble or Venetian plaster. Professional cabinet refinishers can apply a faux finish to a worn-out cabinet front to give it an antique look or to make it look brand-new. While you’re touching up your cabinets, buy some new hardware. Choose a brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finish instead of a shiny metal so your bathroom looks up-to-the-minute.

Step 3: the countertops. Try covering your old laminate or tile countertop with a granite cover that fits right on top of it.

Granite Transformations in Tempe and Phoenix, for example, makes replacement countertops that are 95 percent granite and 5 percent resin. The whole job takes one to two days. In three steps, your bathroom will look completely different, even though your “old” pieces will still be under the new ones. This quickie remodel saves money on demolition, time on installation—and the stress of dealing with the noise and inconvenience of a drawn-out bathroom renovation.

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