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February Home Maintenance Calendar To-Do: #Baseboards

Everybody tries to vacuum the floors and dust he furniture when they clean house. But somehow the baseboards are neglected. Even though, the baseboards in an Arizona home are one of the biggest dust and dirt catchers of all.

Yet, cleaning and touching up baseboards is a fix you can do at your house with minimal time and money. Here are a few tips on doing the job right.

  • After you’ve vacuumed or mopped the flooring in your house, you can tackle the baseboards. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to pick up as much dirt and dust as you can from the top of the baseboards and the area where the boards touch the flooring.
  • Next wipe down the baseboards with a bucket of warm water mixed with mild dish soap if you have painted baseboards or with wood soap if you have natural wooden baseboards. Use a sponge or soft cloth for washing and drying. If you’re fussy, use cotton swabs to clean up in the cracks and corners. Make baseboards are totally dry afterward.
  • This is probably a process you’ll go through once a year, but after you see the results, you might do it more often.
  • Occasionally, when doing this, pull some of the furniture away from the walls so you can wash areas of baseboards that are otherwise unreachable. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt sits on those baseboards behind a bookcase.
  • If baseboards are seriously scuffed, you might want to repaint dirty or nicked spots. In fact, you may decide to repaint all the baseboards in some rooms. Use two coats of semi-gloss or a satin finish paint so baseboards will be easier to clean afterward. You probably need to sand the baseboards before painting. Then vacuum and wipe them with a wet cloth to get rid of the dust. Use painter’s tape and a drop cloth to keep paint off the floor; the same tape can be used on the wall above the baseboard to protect it from paint.

Tune in to Rosie on the House on Saturday February 24th at 9:30AM Arizona time and hear what can be done to lean and touch-up your #Baseboards.

Podcast and a summary transcript will be added to this page after the live radio broadcast.

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