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Create A #BackyardOasis Over Your Pool

You Read That Right… An Oasis, Over, Your Pool

What is a backyard oasis to you? Is it one or all of these?

  • A comfortable environment.
  • A gathering place for friends and family.
  • A safe place for children, older family members, and pets.
  • A beautiful and relaxing place.
  • A carefree space to enjoy and in which to entertain.

Often “oasis” conjures images of swimming pools and spas. However, pools can outlive their usefulness. They require maintenance and repairs of mechanical components and pool surfaces. When underused, pools take up valuable real estate that could be more functionally used.

When the pool is no longer needed, there are options beyond filling it in.

Not Just Any Pool Cover

Mike Buckles, sales director, DECKOVER, a Rosie-Certified Partner, offers an option to retire a tired, underused pool that will result in a beautiful, functional, comfortable, relaxing space in your own backyard oasis. DECKOVER’s patented process preserves the pool for future use and creates a long-lasting, durable, safe, and useful deck over an unwanted pool in less than a week.

DECKOVER builds a walk-on deck over the pool. It is not a plastic cover, like the ones used to heat pools or protect them from debris. DECKOVER constructs a structurally sound, weight bearing deck surfaced with high-quality Trex composite decking that offers a 25-year manufacturer limited warranty and a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

“DECKOVER goes IN the top of the pool,” says Jeff Getz, owner, DECKOVER. “DECKOVER is built with a patented frame giving a unique system that allows us to build inside of any shape pool. All new patent-pending brackets make a very efficient connection to the infinite degree of angles needed to build the sturdy frame.”

There is little to no disruption of your backyard. It is installed with a hatch to access below deck and a sump pump that removes water after it rains. Watch the Video.

Whereas the process of burying a pool includes:

  • Permits
  • Heavy equipment.
  • Removing fencing for access.
  • Damage to surrounding cool decking or landscaping.
  • Replacing landscaping or replacing the decking.

“With a DECKOVER there will be no more costly pool operation, maintenance, and repair costs. No more pool cleaning after every windstorm. No more water waste.” says Buckles.

We asked Rosie-Certified Partner, Phocus Insurance Services , how insurance comes into play when covering a pool. As it turns out, there not any insurance savings for filling in or covering with a deck. However, from a liability standpoint, an insurance company will most likely deny insurance if the homeowner has an empty, unused pool. Check with your insurance agent to be sure.

The cost to install DECKOVER depends on many variables including:

  • The surface area of the pool.
  • The span of the support members.
  • The shape. A curved pool is more difficult than a rectangle.
  • Different levels of decking, steps, or benches cost a little more.
  • The material used on the deck. The composite material is more expensive and also requires a more substantial deck structure.

“There are up to 12 different factors that go into our calculations, says Buckle. “Accuracy is very important to us.”

An Environmentally Conscious Option

Because the swimming pool is a large electric-consuming appliance, Getz is concerned about the amount of water consumed by Arizona’s pools.

According to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance’s Certified Pool Operator (CPO) manual, “Evaporation is increased by high wind speeds, high air temperature, low relative humidity, and high water temperature. As evaporation takes place, the pool operator must replace the water, which further lowers the pool or spa water temperature. Evaporation causes about 50% of all energy losses.”

Getz notes, while Arizona and Death Valley probably have a lot in common when it comes to evaporation rates, you can’t compare Phoenix to Columbus, Ohio. “We also have much lower rainfall than other parts of the country, so our pools don’t get filled by any natural replenishment.”

He is also concerned that the chemicals that we put into our pools to keep them sanitary and from looking like a swamp, can be toxic and dangerous.

“Parking a pool eliminates chemical use and storage” Getz says. “I’m not against swimming pools at all, as long as they serve a purpose. It’s the thousands of them across the country that are being kept up because people don’t want to fill them in. Those pools can be parked (with a DECKOVER).”

If and when you are ready to use the pool again, the deck can be removed, and the pool resurfaced. The deck or supporting structure and equipment will not damage the existing pool structure.

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Deckover is a growing family-owned business located in Phoenix. Opened in January 2001 as a home remodeling business, the business switched over in 2007 to dedicated deck building, all of which is done over a pool. DECKOVER is the holder of several complete Patents with more on the way that already hold “Patents Pending” statuses from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, officially recognizing all-new cost saving designs and unique innovations. Don’t bury that pool. . . . . retire it with a DECKOVER!



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