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Tree of the Month: Desert Mesquite

Mesquite Trees

There are a few types of Mesquite trees:

Chilean Mesquite

Form: Tree

Seasonality: Semi-evergreen

Size: 30 ft wide by 30 ft high

Leaves: Compound, dark green, fine texture

Flowers: Yellow-green

Fruit: Seed pods, seeds are edible

Stems/Trunks: Upright and airy

Range/Origin: South America

Comments: Some varieties have thorns.


Velvet Mesquite 

Form: Tree

Seasonality: Deciduous

Size: 25 ft high by 25 ft wide

Leaves: Compound, gray-green

Flowers: Pale yellow, spring

Fruit: Seed pods

Stems/Trunks: Can be shrub-like

Range/Origin: Arizona, Mexico, West Texas

Comments: Thorny, very good for wildlife


Outdoor Living Tree of the Month: #DesertMesquite #ArizonaMesquite #ChileanMesquite #VelvetMesquite


Professional Agriscaper Justin Rohner’s commentary on the cornerstone of desert landscapes the Arizona/Velvet Mesquite tree. Trimming tips to save your trees from uprooting in monsoon storm winds. Raising chickens, melons you can plant in June, controlling pesky weeds and explaining agriscaping.

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