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Food, experiences and good deeds are always well-received. Some ideas:

Give an experience. Try tickets for a play, concert or sporting event. Better yet: Give one ticket to your friend and keep the other for yourself so you give the gift of your company, too. Other favorites: gift certificates for pedicures or facials; music or cooking lessons; vouchers for babysitting.

Give a tasty treat. Everyone loves to eat holiday treats. Make a special dessert and deliver it to your friend in time for him or her to serve it to family during Christmas dinner. Or design a handmade gift certificate for a homemade dinner after the holiday bustle passes.

Give a living gift. Give a gift that will live for years. Houseplants, bulbs and seeds, presented in durable or earth-friendly containers are unique and will remind the recipient of you every day.

Give a donation. Send a donation to your friend’s favorite charity in his or her name. Sponsor an animal, tree or needy child through a charity organization. Rosie’s favorite holiday (and year-round) charity is Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. Rosie on the House is helping to build a home for a needy Arizona family. You may donate to this worthy cause by visiting Click on the orange “donate now” button. Specify that your donation is for the Rosie on the House home. 


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