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Tips For #HolidayTreePrep

Tree Tips For The Approaching Holidays

As temperatures begin to cool off, lighten up the pruning on most evergreen trees except for deadwood removal and structural improvements. Come December and January, we will be pruning all deciduous trees and shrubs.

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There is something wonderfully appealing about seeing trees with holiday lights on them. If you plan to put up lights for the holidays, we recommend pruning your trees ahead of time, as mentioned above.

If you trees are nice and trim, it will make removal of the lights easier as well.

It may sound like the easiest way, but don’t nail or staple the light wires to your tree. Use gardening tape or twine instead – this will help protect the tree from the damage a nail or staple will cause.

You know how, after a good holiday meal, there is the desire to loosen your belt? The same thing happens to your trees! To prevent girdling of branches as the tree(s) grow, remove lights from trees after the holidays each year.

Outdoor LIving To-Do | #HolidayTreePrep 



It’s a shrub? It’s a tree? It’s both!! Certified Arborists Scott Calabrese and Matthew Noriega talk about a good alternative to oleanders, the Arizona Rosewood. Plus, tasks to consider before transitioning to rye grass winter lawns including the two types of ryegrass. Fall fertilizing citrus, tree planting the right way and more!

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