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A little regular maintenance goes a long way.

Clean the lint filter after every use. Wash it with soap and water every three months to remove build-up.

Don’t overload the drum. Large bundles take longer to dry, thus using more energy. If your clothes constantly come out wrinkled. That means you’re overdrying. 

Clean the drum with a microfiber cloth. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove dryer sheet residue.

A few times a year, clean the vent outside of your house.

  • Remove the vent cover.
  • Unhook the vent line from the dryer.
  • Snake a nylon vent brush attached to a long, flexible rod into the vent, and then push and pull it a few times to remove the lint.
  • Reconnect the vent to the dryer.
  • Replace the cover on the vent. If the vent is vinyl or plastic replace it with a metal one.

If birds or other critters nest in the vent, add a durable, bird-proof flap. Lubricate the flap once a year.

In the laundry room, use rigid, non-flexible ductwork for efficiency that complies with building codes. Once a year, unfasten the duct from the dryer and vacuum to clear the vent of lint so air can easily pass through. A clogged vent and duct can severely restrict airflow and increase the possibility of a fire

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