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No, it’s not crazy.  Depending on how much laundry you do each week, you may spend a lot of time in there.  Why not enjoy the ambiance of that space and decorate it as you would any other room?

In a National Association of Home Builders survey, 92 percent of new-home buyers said they want a laundry room that is convenient and luxurious. Thus, homeowners are fixing up their laundry rooms so they rival their kitchens. Now both rooms are showpieces.

Today’s ideal laundry room is big, flooded with light, high-end, cutting-edge appliances, and customized cabinetry.  If you do a lot of fluffing, folding, and ironing, consider installing a TV or music system.  Paint the room with colors that make you happy and energized.  Add wall hangings, photos, and plants to give the room more than a “laundry room” personality. 

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