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If you’re letting the bed bugs bite, you’re not alone.
There’s been an extraordinary increase in reports of bed bug infestations, says news research, partly because there’s so much international travel and partly because it’s so hard to kill the little bloodsuckers.
They hide in mattresses, fabric-covered furniture and even luggage. When they bite you, they leave an itchy rash or welt, but they’re not known to transmit human diseases, says the new research.
If you have them, you’ve probably seen them: Their flat, wingless bodies are reddish-brown.
To get rid of them, try sanitizing the infected areas, vacuuming your mattress and sealing it with a cover. Wash clothes and bed linens in hot water, and lay sticky traps around the bed to snare any that have jumped off.
Your best bet, though, is to buy a new mattress. Never spray your mattress with bug spray. It’s not healthy to sleep in an area that has been sprayed with chemicals.


  • Sanderson Ford

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