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It’s possible to use natural forces to ventilate the attic and save on the cost of operating electric fans.

Here’s how: As wind moves against and around your house, it creates an area of positive and negative pressure. Key to proper ventilation is understanding where the pressure is.

Place intake vents in areas of positive pressure. Place exhaust vents in areas of negative pressure. This is how you can create continuous airflow through the attic and match the attic temperature with that of the outdoor air.

Wind force is by far the most effective way to ventilate an attic. Still, don’t overlook  the process of convection, which will always create air movement inside the attic.

The most critical part of the attic for constant air movement is the roof sheathing because it is the hottest part of the attic and radiates heat into the attic. Solution: Place exhaust vents at the top of the roof, and locate your intake vents around the soffit.

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