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Every April, which is National Lawn Care Month and the first full month of spring, take a few minutes to maintain your yard tools and lawn equipment so they can help you maintain your yard all summer.

Rosie’s recommendations:

  • Buy the best extension cords you can afford. Replace any that show signs of wear. Be aware of where all extension cords are located while you’re working in the yard so you don’t accidentally snip one in half. And consider installing an outdoor ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet to protect yourself from shocks.
  • Keep your electric edger lubricated and rust-free. Remove any sticky residue with alcohol and scrape off rust with a metal brush.
  • Sharpen the edger and lawn mower blades with a file or whetstone to keep them running efficiently. A dull lawn mower blade can cause the tips of your grass to brown.
  • Store electric tools in a dry place. Excessive moisture can damage some power tools. If a tool gets wet while you’re using it, dry it with a towel before putting it away.
  • Before servicing an electric tool, remove its batteries or unplug it.
  • Install ground-fault circuit interrupters in your garage and outdoor outlets.


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