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If you live in a part of Arizona that stays pretty warm all year, it’s not necessary to insulate the concrete block walls of your new home. But if winter nights get chilly where you live, it’s advisable.

In fact, lots of homeowners in super-hot Tucson and Phoenix do insulate their concrete walls so their homes stay a little warmer when the weather finally cools off in the late fall and winter. Because concrete walls are a solid material and because they conduct heat, heat passes through them very slowly. That means hot outdoor air doesn’t have an easy way to get into your nice, cool, air-conditioned home in the summer.

But it also means your home will stay pretty cool all year. So even though the mercury doesn’t dip too low most nights in the Valley, you might want to do what you can to make sure you can heat your home efficiently on the nights it does.

Best bet: Insulate those walls. If you’re building or buying a concrete home, ask your builder about insulation. Insulated concrete can make your home more energy-efficient and less costly to run.

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