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Farmer Greg Peterson of the Urban Farm and Kari Spencer cover the different methods for preserving your own garden harvest. Tune-in below to hear the discussion on the following information! 

Method 1 | Canning

Canning is not what it used to be. “Today, we have the benefit of using techniques developed by scientific research and are able to keep up-to-date on the latest USDA recommendations…” says Kari Spencer, author of City Farming: How-to Guide to Growing Food and Raising Livestock in Urban Spaces

Kari discusses canning in great detail in her blog: How To Can & Preserve Tomatoes & Sauces | Peeling Tomatoes In A Snap | My Favorite Heritage Chili Sauce Recipe

  • 2 Types – What to can in each one
    • Pressure
    • Water Bath
  • The Simple Process of canning
  • Current USDA Guideline – Nation Center for Home Food Preservation
  • What are we canning right now – what in season
  • Making jams, relish

Method 2 | Pickling & Fermenting

  • 2 Types – We can pickle many things
    • Vinegar Refrigerated
    • Fermented – Probiotics
  • Fermenting is easy – Everything needs to be clean from the start – to attract lactobacillus
  • Pickles can be canned – Vinegar pickles and relishes

Method 3 | Dehydrating

  • Types of Dehydrators
    • Electric – Caballas
    • Oven
    • Easy – in the shade in the summer
    • DIY – build it your own
  • Benefits – preserves all of the food value in a small space with no refrigeration
  • Stone Fruit
  • Apples
  • Kale – Chips & Powder
  • Honeydew melon chips & fruit leather

Method 4 | Freezing

  • Freezing
    • Prep it on a tray then bag or jar it
    • Downsides to freezing
      • Power Outages
      • Freezer burns
      • Vacuum bags help
  • Finding produce if you are not growing
Home Maintenance To Do | #PreservingYourHarvest


Farmer Greg and Kari Spenser discuss preserving food: The process of canning what’s in season to make jams and relish, ideas for pickling and fermenting, benefits of dehydrating fruits, and freezing techniques to enjoy your favorite foods!

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