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Should I Turn Off My Air Conditioner Before Leaving Arizona For The Summer?

Can Turn Off My AC When Away For An Extended Period Of TIme?

ANSWER: You should leave your air conditioner ON if you’re going to be out of town for any length of time during the summer; especially in Arizona.

An empty house doesn’t need to be cool and comfortable, but it shouldn’t get so hot that mold can grow, furniture can warp, or artwork and clothing can become damaged. Some products, like flooring for example, may specify a temperature range in which to keep the product to prevent damage, so keep in mind product warranties as well before turning the air up.

Set your air conditioner at around 85 degrees if you’re away for the summer.

A tip: Set a few five-gallon buckets of water around the inside of the house. The water will slowly evaporate, adding a bit of moisture to the air.



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