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Most plumbers say you should turn your water off at the main water valve to prevent plumbing mishaps while you’re gone. You’ll find the valve typically on the front of your home, in close proximity to a hose bib. A tip: Don’t wait until it’s time to leave before turning off the water. An old, stiff valve could break if you turn it off for the first time in years. Should that happen to you, don’t panic, just give one our plumbers on the Rosie on the House network a call to replace that old broken valve with a new ball valve.

Other water tips:

Turn off the power to your water heater. If you have a gas water heater, you can set it to “vacation” mode.

Some plumbers recommend leaving the water on if a caretaker will be checking on the house. That way, the caretaker can flush the toilet every now and then. Because our water is so “hard,” water that dries out in the toilet can leave a calcium ring.       

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