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Sweet Jennifer’s Aging In Place Resource Guide

Aging In Place

Rosie Partners who are Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists:

  • Tom Sertich and Gary Tomich from Kirk Development Company

A Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) has been trained in the unique needs of the older adult population, aging in place home modifications, common remodeling projects, and solutions to common barriers.

Other partners have specialized in this area as well:

  • John Reuter of Assurance Builders in Tucson has built casitas and villas for use as residences on the property of homeowners who plan to use them for parents and/or caregivers.


There are numerous Web sites online with suggestions for what you need to do in almost every room in your house including:

  • The site of the National Association of Home Builders at www.nahb.orgwhere you can search for information on “Aging in Place” and find names of builder, architects and remodelers.
  • Also visit, the Web site of the National Aging in Place Council
  • Another online source is with reference materials of all kinds for building or improving housing for seniors or for those with disabilities.




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