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A special lady has been chosen to commemorate Arizona’s 100 years of Statehood, The Not So Gentle Tamer, a 10 ft. tall tribute to the pioneer women of the west developed from a painting from Bob Boze Bell. Bell was assisted by sculptor Deb Gessner to bring his painting to life.  The Not-So-Gentle-Tamer will be escorted up Lake Valley Road and placed on a pedestal in front of the Prescott Valley Civic Center.Click here for more information to find out more about this project!
Thank you to all the generous Rosie Listeners who contributed to this project!  With Rosie’s match to your donation, we raised $4000!  The Gentle Tamer will be cast in bronze and a plaque will be dedicated to Rosie on the House and Rosie Listeners!  The project will be finished by Memorial Day and be presented in July!

On congratulations to Prescott Area Art Trust for completing the fund raising for this casting!

Pictured right: Rosie with Ed Reilly of Bronzesmith and The Not-So-Gentle Tamer

“We, the descendants and benefactors of Yavapai County pioneers, would like to acknowledge the dedication and perseverance required by ranchers, farmers, miners, cattleman, businessmen and women who made possible the  “Mother of all Counties” that we enjoy so much today.”
 -Lora Lee Nye

Save the Date: Be sure to stop by Bronzesmith for the dedication of the monument, July 27th! 

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