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Tree Diseases

Caring For Your Trees

Topic of the Month:

Trees are wonderful, and just like any other living thing, you’ve got to protect them from #TreeDiseases. Tune-in below and learn more!

Plant Health Topic:

Texas Root Rot and other soil-borne fungal pathogens.

Tree of the Month:

Outdoor Living To-Do | #TreeDiseases #TexasOlive



Justin Rohner of discusses some of the features of our Tree Of The Month the Texas Olive tree. An evergreen that’s known as the feminine tree of the desert. Understanding the various types of tree diseases from the roots to the chutes and how to manage them. Thinking about that winter rye grass lawn, now is the time to prepare.

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SavATree’s Gary Peterson is joined by Certified Arborist Scott Calabrese. Discussing the Tree Of The Month the Texas Olive Tree. Lots of advantages to this hearty tree. Avoiding monsoon tree damage or uprooting. Discussion on palms tall and small from lightning strikes to pruning tips to avoid messy seeds falling. And a deep dive into Texas Root Rot. Are there ways to avoid it from killing your trees?
Podcast Archive With Expanded Content and Resources


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