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Tree Of The Month: Texas Live Oak

Tree of the Month! #TexasLiveOak

Scientific Specification: Quercus fusiformis

Common: Live Oak, Southern Live Oak, Texas Live Oak, Heritage Live Oak

Family: Fagaceae

Origin: Southeastern United States, Texas and Northeastern Mexico

Form: Tree

Seasonality: Evergreen (deciduous in cold climates)

Size: 40-80 ft high and twice as wide

Leaves: smooth edged ovals, shiny and dark green,1 1/2-5 inch long

Flowers: Green, non showy

Fruit: Acorn, top has hairy scales

Stems/Trunks: Heavy limbed, bark dark and checked

Comments: No thorns, plan well for eventual growth

Learn more from Chris A. Martin, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Arizona State University


Homeowner Handbook – Outdoor Living Tree of the Month | #TexasLiveOak


Justin Rohner of discusses the advantages of the Texas Live Oak tree in your landscape. The proper composting mix of greens and browns that make up incredible black gold for gardening. Learn about electroculture gardening, earthing, natural ways to combat allergies and other tips to make gardening a healthy part of your life.

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Podcast Archive With Expanded Content and Resources


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