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John Eisenhower of Integrity SavATree talks about the Tree of the Month, the Ocotillo!


Form: Shrub

Seasonality: Deciduous perennial

Size: 25 feet tall with a 15ft spread

Leaves: Simple, round, 1 inch, bright green; plant is generally leafless for most of the year

Flowers: Spiky clumps of tubular orange or red flowers on branch ends, clusters can be up to 1ft long; showy

Fruit: Seed

Stems/Trunks: Long, slender, gray-green stems rise from a common base; stems covered with 1 inch, open, vase shaped clump

Range/Origin: SW US, Baja California, Sonora Mexico

Hardiness: Sunset Zones; 10-13, 18-20, 10°F

Comments: Low litter, Sharp thorns

Cultural Requirements:

Exposure: Full sun, reflected heat

Water: Low

Soil: Sandy, well drained

Propagation: Seed, cuttings

Maintenance: Minimal; (pruning can prevent blooming)

For more info view the full plant specifications from University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture & Life Sciences: Cooperative Extension | Ocotillo

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John discusses the Tree Of The Month the ocotillo as they bloom in April, its resilience and why its not a cactus. Why removing some trees could violate local laws. Spring growth can also bring insect pests and what to do about it. Fertilizing techniques and the one tree you can plant in the Arizona summer.

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