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Tree Tips for May!


Irrigation: Reset your irrigation timer, water deeply, less frequently. Allow soil profile to dry out between waterings. Check soil moisture with probe

Tree Tips for May:

  • All heavy cutbacks should have been completed by now. You might get away with some radical pruning but the plants could get sunburned.
  • May and June are great months to prune your fast-growing trees to reduce risk of monsoon storm damage.
  • Don’t forget to fertilize your palms, especially Queen Palms, through the growing season, starting now, through September. Palms are often deficient in micronutrients such as Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Z), and Iron (Fe). Palm roots don’t reach out nearly as far typical evergreen and deciduous trees so, fertilizing out to the drip line is not needed as in other plants.
  • The best method of fertilizing trees is by soil injection or a soil drench with a liquid fertilizer. Fertilize by deep root soil injection when appropriate. For example, when applying in areas with turf grass present, a soil injection will put the fertilizer past the turf into the tree’s root system. Fertilizer spikes limit lateral movement of nutrients and tend to concentrate the fertilizer in a small, limited area often causing increased salt levels in the areas they are inserted in the ground. We do not encourage the use of fertilizer spikes for this reason. Granular fertilizers can be distributed across the entire root zone making them a viable choice when other plant competition is not critical. All fertilizers require water to become available to plants so proper supplemental irrigation may be required to enhance the effects. Something to consider: We as humans do not feed plants. Plants are autotrophs which mean they feed themselves. We as stewards to the landscape provide mineral based nutrients combined with organic based bio stimulants which the plant converts into carbohydrates which are consumed and stored by the plant.

Palm Tree Pruning Schedule

  • Dates Palms are trimmed after May 15th – 90 degrees
  • Mexican Fan Palms are trimmed after June 15th – 90 degrees or less
  • California Fan Palms are trimmed after July 15th – 90 degrees or less
  • Queen Palms are trimmed all year, seed pods and dead fronds only


Psithurism [sith-yuh-riz-uhm]: The sound of wind rustling in the leaves.


Home Maintenance & Outdoor Living To-Do | #LandscapeWatering


Certified Agriscaping Professional Justin Rohner has great insight on the keystone species of the Sonoran Desert. The Desert Ironwood is a protector of desert plants while withstanding a lifetime of desert conditions. Plus informative landscape watering tips for deep rooted trees to frequency and length of time ahead of summer heat.

Podcast Archive With Expanded Content and Resources


Steve Priebe and Donna DiFrancesco of Water Use It Wisely discuss the Desert Ironwood Tree. One of the more drought tolerant trees that can be considered for landscapes. Avoiding heavy cut back pruning to protect trees from sunburn damage while proper pruning for monsoon season. Changing the watering schedule for deep irrigation and other great tips!


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  • Water Use It Wisely


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