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At Rosie’s house, we love a good gag.

Skip the tired old Valentine’s ties and coffee mugs and make your man laugh on Feb. 14. He might like one of these:

Manterns candles smell like bacon, fresh-cut grass, beer, sawdust, pancakes or a new leather baseball glove. The manly scented, soybean-based candles will set you back $16.99 apiece; order from

Flame by BK. This hamburger-scented body spray was such a hit when Burger King introduced the $3.99 just before Christmas 2008 that it sold out within a week. Those who had to have it were paying $75-plus on eBay (you can get it on eBay now for less than $20). Burger King’s Flame Web site says the spray “captures the essence and love [of the WHOPPER sandwich] and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat. A BK rep says she doesn’t know if the chain will make any more.

Extra-long T-shirts. They’re for the handyman who’s showing a little more than anyone wants to see when he bends over. DuluthTrading sells the Crack Spackle bucket, which contains a “Longtail T,” which the company calls “the solution to plumber’s butt.” The 100 percent cotton T-shirt is three inches longer than most, so it keeps your unmentionables covered when you bend over. It comes in long- and short-sleeved versions, starting at $19.50.


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