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We judge the quality of our water by taste, but a bad taste doesn’t mean the water isn’t safe.

In fact, the water supplied by Arizona’s cities is clean, safe and usable. Granted it doesn’t taste as good as it could, and there is something you can do about that. A reverse osmosis system will give you bottled-water quality with the convenience of your kitchen tap.

Installed under the sink, a reverse osmosis system is perhaps the most effective form of water filtration. The system removes up to 98 percent of metals, pathogens, chlorine and dirt, so your water smells and tastes like nothing but water.

A reverse osmosis system is different from a water softener, which removes the minerals that make your water “hard” all over the house. A reverse osmosis system is installed at your kitchen faucet rather than all over the house because it’s for drinking water only.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Drinking water flows through a filter, which removes sediment, chlorine taste and odor, and tiny contaminants.
  2. The system pushes the water through a semi-permeable membrane that catches most dissolved solids and flushes them down the drain.
  3. The clean, filtered water stays in the system’s storage tank until you turn on the tap. Its filter removes or absorbs tastes and odors just before it flows through your faucet.

A tip: You’ll need to change the filter once a year. If you touch the filter by accident, bacteria from your hands can contaminate your drinking water.



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