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“Faux” is a French word that means “fake”or “false.”

Faux finishing is a painting and glazing technique that replicates the look of another material, like Venetian plaster, marble or antique wood.
Faux finishing begins with a base coat of paint, which will remain as the primary color on the wall or cabinet, floor, column or other surface you wish to finish.
Next, one or more tinted glazes go on with a sponge, rag or textured roller, depending on the look you’re going for. A protective, clear sealer tops off the finish to give it a satiny, washable surface.
A similar finishing technique is “wallglazing,” which also involves paint and glaze, but the result doesn’t necessarily look like another material. Instead, the finisher simply sponges, rags or rolls on tinted glazes in various colors to design a unique pattern.
Simple faux finishing can be a fun, creative do-it-yourself project or a masterpiece that requires the skill of a pro.


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