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 The safety and comfort features that once were reserved for the homes of the disabled and elderly are finding their way into the dwellings of people of all ages.
Universal design is a term that builders, architects, contractors and designers use when they talk about making a home accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
An example is the grab bar: If you install one to a reinforced wall in your shower, everyone from your elderly grandmother to your 6-year-old will appreciate having something to hang onto when they slip, lose their balance, wash their feet or shave their legs.
Universally designed homes have wide hallways and wide doorways, but they’re fashioned in a way that makes them fit the style of the home.
If you’re moving into a place that you plan to call home forever, consider buying one with universal design features. You might not need them all now, but you’ll certainly appreciate having them when your parents visit, and later, when you need a little extra help getting around yourself.


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