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Before you invest thousands of dollars in a backyard patio floor, driveway or sidewalk, investigate your options. Look for materials that:

  • are unlikely to crack. Patios that are pieced together with stone or paver units have tiny spaces in between each one that allow for a small amount of movement, so they’re less likely to crack than asphalt or poured concrete, which are installed as single slabs.
  • are simple to repair or replace. If a paver or tile does crack, it’s easier to lift out and replace. If a single-slab floor cracks, you have to patch it, with no guarantee that the patch will blend in with the original material, or replace the whole floor.
  • are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Materials that you can set stone by stone allow you to mix and match shapes to creative unique designs for your floor. Pavers come in a variety of colors and shapes that mimic natural stone. Poured concrete can be acid-stained any number of colors to match your outdoor décor.


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