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You know you don’t need an extended warranty on your home, your a/c system, your home theater equipment or your computer, but the sales rep in the store won’t take no for an answer. Here are five tips for gracefully getting out of the store before you get pressured into buying something you don’t want. 

  1. Prepare to be pressured. If you expect it, you can deal with it better. You’re going to have to say “no” at least twice during the sales pitch for an extended warranty or replacement plan. Stick to your resolve.
  2. If the sales rep won’t take no for an answer, tell him you’re going to buy the product elsewhere if he doesn’t ease up. He can’t sell you a warranty if you don’t buy the product!
  3. Explain that you have done your homework and that you know there’s a low risk that you’ll need extended coverage on this product. Thank the sales rep for the information and say you’ve decided to take your chances.
  4. Ask for a brochure about the warranty that you can take home and study. Insist on getting one. Tell the sales rep you’ll come back in if you decide the warranty is worth it.
  5. If you cave under pressure and buy a warranty you don’t want, you might be able to undo your deed when you get home. Some big retailers have an 800 number you can call to cancel the purchase if you do it within 30 days.


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