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If you’ve decided to buy a water softener or a reverse osmosis system for your home, start by shopping for a company, not for a piece of equipment.

These devices are major investments. Buy them from someone you trust to help you out if you have problems or just need advice.

Here are some tips for buying the best water treatment company for your money:

  1. Do business with a dealer that will not only sell you a water softener or reverse osmosis device, but also will install it, service it and sell salt (for the water softener) and other supplies you may need over the years.
  2. Choose a company that rents as well as sells water treatment equipment. That way, you can try out a device before buying it. A company that rents equipment intends to stick around for a long time.
  3. Find out if the company services all brands of water treatment equipment or just its own. Dealers who repair and maintain all brands can help you choose the right piece of equipment for your needs rather than the one that will put the most money in their pockets. And they tend to be better-known in the community because they provide service to people with all kinds of equipment.
  4. Ask if the company will deliver salt for your water softener should you be unable to pick it up. Whether you use this service or not, the one that says “yes” is probably one that puts customer service at the top of its priority list!


  • Sanderson Ford

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