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Step 1 in any major remodeling project: Get your team in place.

Before you pry a single tile off of an old backsplash or even pick out your new paint color for your remodeled kitchen or bathroom, assemble the best team of contractors and designers you can find, and make a plan.

The biggest mistake you can make when you start a major home-improvement project is to wait until after the construction begins to realize that your chosen finishes clash or the wall you want to move is holding up the ceiling.

Tip: Hire a general contractor to serve as a project manager who will find and hire subcontractors like plumbers, fabricators and installers–so you don’t have to. Choose a contractor who has relationships with architects and interior designers as well, so all of the people you’re working with know and work well together.

Your team is the most important piece of any remodeling project. Having a trusted group of pros in place–and seeking their advice every step of the way–will help ensure you get the result you want and add value to your home.

You’ll find a list of the local contractors Rosie personally recommends in his award-winning Referral Network.

  • Fox Valley Electric & Solar
  • Az Paint Co 15% Off & $75 financing
  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Az Paint Co 15% Off $75 financing

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