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Mold can grow anywhere there’s water and a food source, like wood, natural fabrics, paper, or even dirt and dust.

You probably don’t have any reason to look under carpets or behind wallpaper, tiles or mirrors. But if you see black spots on the walls or floors, chances are that water has leaked behind whatever is covering them and is feeding mold growth.

You also might not look in the cabinets under your kitchen and bathroom sinks too often, but you should do it occasionally. Those are common breeding grounds for mold.

Here are seven other places you might not have checked for mold, but you should:             

  1. A hot, closed-off room with too little air flow is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can ruin your furniture and create unhealthy indoor air quality in that space. 
  2. Composite decking is not a food source for mold. Still, the dirt and debris that collect on a deck do feed the spores. So keep your deck clean.
  3. During monsoon season, your lawn might turn up spots of mold here and there, especially in areas shaded by trees. Try watering a little less often during monsoon season, and water in the morning.
  4. The drain-line drip pan on your air conditioning system can harbor mold that will spread up through the coils. Then, when the a/c blows cool air throughout your house, it also blows mold spores. 
  5. Seems like machines that clean other stuff would clean themselves, too, but that’s not the case. It’s a good idea to clean your dishwasher and clothes washer periodically. Mold and mildew can breed in any machine that uses water.
  6. Even if a little bit of water gets into the attic, it can rot wood and leather and create mold and mildew. Unless you’re sure the space is sealed up tight, keep those products out of the attic. 
  7. Avoid an unwelcome surprise when you arrive home after a summer away. Leave your air conditioner on if you’re going to be out of town for any length of time during the summer.

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