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Here are five actions you can take now that will result in real water savings: 

  1. Replace your old, top-loading washing machine with a front-loader. These new machines wash clothes just as well, but use 18 fewer gallons of water per load.
  2. Invest in a “smart” irrigation system for your yard. The latest lawn-and-garden irrigators are programmed to shut off the water when it rains and adjust the amount of water they deliver based on the temperature and how much your plants actually need on any given day.
  3. Trade your moisture-loving plants, flowers and trees for native varieties that tolerate drought. The water we use outdoors accounts for almost 70 percent of the water we use, period.
  4. Give up that old, water-blasting showerhead. If your home is relatively new, it came with low-flow showerheads. The rest of us need to replace ours with water-efficient models. Same goes for your five-gallons-per-flush toilets and free-flowing faucets. The latest ones use a fraction of the water—and you probably won’t notice any difference in performance.
  5. Use less energy. It takes water to produce energy, so you save water when you cut back. The reverse is true as well: It takes energy to get water to your home. Use less of either and you’ll save the other for use by future generations.


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