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In a dry, hot climate like ours, the materials our homes are made from can mean the difference between indoor air that’s a comfortable and air that feels too warm.  

The reason concrete is so popular in Arizona is that it naturally conducts heat, and keeps it out of our living spaces. Add that to its solid consistency, which has few places for air to leak through, and you could feel more comfortable and pay lower cooling bills than you would if you lived in home made from another material. 

Concrete walls slow down the passage of outdoor heat so less of it seeps through the walls and into your home. They also help prevent your air-conditioned air from escaping through the walls. That means a concrete home will stay cooler in the summertime than a wall made from something else.

In the winter, the home also might stay cooler, unless you add insulation to the walls. If you do, your home will be comfortable no matter the season.

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