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Products To Help You Age In Place

A Life Worth Living in Place: Products To Help You Age In Place

There are lots of products to choose from. Here are some samples to help you get started on your search to find products that help support independence!

Products for limited ability due to arthritis:

Dycem -Non-Slip Roll

A great way to add a non- slip quality to all kinds of things- placemats, bowls, writing surfaces, and mats. Can even be used to grip items, keep track of small items while crafting or to keep the dog from scooting his bowl around. Washable and reusable.

$22 for a 3ft roll


Dycem – Non-Slip Placemat

Thicker than the roll with a grid ‘print’ for extra grip. Washable and reusable

$21.95 per mat


OXO Pop Containers

No screwing or unscrewing with this container. The lid opens by depressing a button on the top of the lid. No screwing or unscrewing. Great for keeping food fresh in the pantry. Available in a variety of sizes.

$7.99 and up.


Keywing the Key Turner

Slip these over the head of your key to make them wider and easier to turn.

3 for $15


Doorknob Covers

This is a rubber cover for door handles to help grip them easier!


Home improvement Products:


Hands free toileting increases cleanliness, independence and confidence.

  • Bidet Unit that attaches to existing toilet and uses water from the clean water tank. $120
  • Washletts are a whole new toilet with a built in cleaning system. $500-$5,000

Door Handles

Lever door handles allow for easy door opening – great with a full arm of groceries.

For added safety, make sure the handle has a ‘return’ on the end.

Starting at $50


Voice Activated Faucet

This faucet can be activated by voice or a simple wave of your hand for ease and convenience.



Cabinet Hardware

We like this brand for its versatility. Something to consider when choosing knobs for your cupboards: large, wide pulls, ergonomic design and rounded shape tend to be easiest on the hand. Avoid t -shaped, small or cup shaped knobs.

$18 and up


Other Resources:

Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance

Find an occupational therapist that knows how to access your home for safety and mobility!



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