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f your Christmas tree catches on fire, it can fill yourhome with deadly gases and quickly burn the gifts underneath it—as well as nearby furniture. Don’t make your home one of the 210 that burn every holiday season because of a problem with the Christmas tree.

Here are some tips for keeping your family safe around the tree:

  • If you buy an artificial tree, choose one with a label that says it is fire-resistant. If you prefer a metal tree, do not use electric lights. Faulty lights can charge the tree with electricity and electrocute anyone who touches it.
  • Select the freshest live tree you can find. Here’s how to tell if it’s fresh: Its needles should be green and hard to pull from the branches. Needles shouldn’t break when you bend them between your fingers.
  • Water your tree every day.
  • Place the tree away from heat sources like the fireplace and heating vents.
  • Don’t put the tree up too early. If it dries out, it will ignite more easily.

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