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It’s just 3 days until kick off of the college football season at our house.  You can feel the anticipation, in the office and at ho

me. The air is buzzing with excitement as we wonder how our team will do this year.  Discussions are held on which players will stand out, how we will do without the ones we have relied on in the past and the endless vacillation of our opinion of the coach.  I didn’t grow up watching football and honestly I didn’t really appreciate it when the kids were all home. Now I love it.   Now football season is one of my favorite times of the year. Truth to tell, I still don’t understand the game very well but I am making an honest effort to at least grasp the basics (sac, goal, punt, offense defense- I mean really basic!)  For me it’s more about what it means to our family. It means time to gather, time to eat, time to play,time to banter (Julia-known as Peanut -married a Buckeye),and  time to be together. It provides relief from life’s grind as we act ridiculous and have fun doing it (see video above for validation)! It is time to just be together. It is now a tradition. If there is a televised LSU game, you will find most of the Romero’s together.  The ones who can’t make it check in by phone as they enviously wish they could be with us. The definition of tradition is an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom). Inherited is the key word in our house. Love of the LSU tigers and loyalty to a team that has its ups and downs is passed down from generation to generation. We are still season ticket holders sitting in the same seats each year that Dr Rosie and Baby Kay sat in back in 1958.

Of course, traditions come in all shapes and sizes. All it takes to make a tradition is to be able to say ‘we always…..’  For us it is ‘We always’…go to church on Sunday,give thanks for our meals, celebrate birthdays and victories with a good meal, have a Dairy Queen Ice cream cake for birthdays, celebrate Thanksgiving one day late and Christmas one day early(a move necessary to accommodate all of the extended family) and we  love being outside. What kinds of things do you and your family  do together that you can label as a tradition?  If you can’t think of any maybe it is time to start.  In this crazy, hectic time we live in it is important to be intentional about spending time together.  Traditions help kids to feel secure and provide a framework for keeping our families intact. What are your favorite traditions? Feel free to share them with us!

Blessings to you and yours,

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