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August 5, 2021


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Good Morning Arizona!

Can you believe these ski conditions up North?

Rosie’s found a new spot in AZ – Friendly Corner.

Look for our article in the Casa Grande Dispatch – we’ve moved to Sunday’s!

Jennifer was at the Desert Dwellers and found some disturbing facts about what’s lurching in your bedroom!

We’re still in the market for secret shoppers – reach out to us today if you’re interested!


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Jay joins us from Harper’s Nursery & Landscaping Company to take your questions.

This year for wildflowers will be better than we’ve seen in a while!

Jay talks toxins in the lawn and garden. There are natural toxins that can be good, but you can stay safe!
1) read the directions!
2) read the expiration date!
3) use it responsibly!
4) dispose of it properly


  • George – Grape plant is in a pot and he wants to transplant. What to do?
  • Mark – Can you use rabbit droppings for fertilizer?
  • Mary – There is pooling around the block wall – is it ruining her wall?

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Jennifer attended the Desert Dwellers event in Tucson last week and gained all kinds of knowledge on keeping healthy!

How can you keep your bedroom toxin-free?

Stay away from “flame-retardent” linens and clothes. Those particular pieces contain formaldehyde!
Any perm-press pieces also contain a high level of formaldehyde!
What about your flooring?!


  • Tom – Electric quartz heaters in his bedroom! What is with the new gas rules?

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Talking about Toxins with Bob Brown of Arizona Foundation Solutions

If you’re in Tucson, find Bob Here!

What exactly is Radon? Where does it come from, and how was it discovered?

Did you know you can test your home for Radon yourself? Find a test kit at your local hardware store!


  • Ray – Home is covered in grey dust – what is going on?

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