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February 19, 2022


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Discussion on a shrub called Cassia.

Paying attention on new growth before pruning old.  Cutting back shrubs rule of thumb.  Tips on pruning once and done thru spring.

Types of fertilizer.  Organic is preferred because of its nutrients.  Citrus trees first fertilization of the year.

Jay says fertilizers work when you use them :)

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Jeff Fleetham of The Arizona Registrar Of Contractors talks about the state of construction in Arizona.  Its active but has its labor, supply and timeline challenges.

How the Registrar office functioned thru the pandemic.

Impacts the Registrar are going thru with workforce and manufacturing out sick over time with growth.  Rosie explains one project shut down with many workers because one worker tested positive.

Contractors and customers need to understand its ‘Demand Versus Supply’  Jeff explains.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Disappearing glass window wall to replace sliding patio doors is the most popular request that are hardly being done.  Rosie explains why.

CALLER:  Lights are flickering at any given time in the home.  Electrical buzz coming thru computer speakers.  When the bedroom heater turns on, the buzz comes thru the speakers too.  Weird electrical problem?

CALLER:  24 year old home.  Underneath the slab part, copper piping into the ABC and didn’t sleeve it.  Got a slab leak and deciding whether to re-pipe or ‘band-aid’ the problem?

2/19/22 (running time 8-11AM)

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Outdoor Living Hour – Notes from the Nursery

Rosie on the House Notes From The NurseryLet’s check out this weeks Notes From The Nursery with Jay Harper! We’ll be talking about our #DeciduousFruitTrees

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On The House Topic: Be Mindful of Asbestos & Lead When Remodeling

ROC LogoWith the inventory of resale homes on the market at a low and the inflated costs of buying one still rising, many homeowners are choosing to remodel rather than sell and buy a new home. A remodel can make your home feel brand new. At Rosie on the House, we love remodeling! However, there are a couple of issues that you must be mindful of – asbestos and lead. We’ve discussed them before and because they are so important, we are talking about them again, especially now as remodeling projects have been on the rise and will continue to do so…


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Homeowner Topic: Open Home! 

Did you know that Saturdays are the BEST time to reach Rosie? He welcomes your call every Saturday morning! Call in & chat with Rosie & Romey!

Weekly To-Do Topic: 

Matching The Right Paint With The Right Surface | #BestHomePaint | READ MORE>>


Join us this Saturday; we’ll be talking about your upcoming painting project (maybe you haven’t got that far on your honey-do list yet!). Choosing the right paint for the project is key for long term success of a project.

If you have a question on maintaining something in your home – GIVE US A CALL!!

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