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August 10, 2021
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Segment 1
(running time 13:20)
Segment 2
(running time 6:29)
Segment 3
(running time 6:29)
Segment 4
(running time 8:32)

The team catches up with Dr. Sky!

  • We walk listener’s through what they can spot in the dark skies this morning.
  • How do you tell the difference between a star and planet?
  • “Witnessing a star being born”
  • How you become “Dr. Sky”
  • Sign up for the Dolly Steamboat Astronomy Cruise!!


Segment 1
(running time 12:00)
Segment 2
(running time 6:41)
Segment 3
(running time 11:15)
Segment 4
(running time 8:04)

Jay from Harper’s Nursery & Landscaping Company is here to answer your questions about your landscape and garden.

Tip Of The Week: It’s the perfect time to get your garden’s ready! Jay talks about all the plants you can be putting in the ground right now.

  • Watering tips & tricks for this time of year.
  • Jay has the Pond Gnome at his nursery this weekend. We talk about what they are able to do.
  • Using water features to cancel out noise in your yard.
  • How’s your lawn look?

Text From a Listener:

  • We need to move an orange tree. What’s the best advice to do so?

Recommendation – Timing is key and this is a great time of year to do it. Make sure you save enough of the root ball so it can survive. They can always call a tree mover if it’s worth the cost and you can get the equipment into the space.


  • Kris – She wants to cut back a cerus cactus because it’s gotten too large for the space they intended. Do we know how to do it?

Recommendation – She can trim it herself and is usually doable for a homeowner. If she’s not confident in that, she can call Integrity Tree Service.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

Segment 1
(running time 11:30)
Segment 2
(running time 7:18)
Segment 3
(running time 13:06)
Segment 4
(running time 6:43)

Jason Watson with Intelligent Design Plumbing joins the broadcast for another “Day with a Plumber”

  • Jason’s history and how he ended up in the plumbing industry.
  • What Jason thinks is the top problems he finds as a plumber. (What is flushable and the shutoff valve doesn’t get maintained.
  • Changes in the plumbing industry and how it effects your home.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

Segment 1
(running time 12:50)
Segment 2
(running time 5:57)
Segment 3
(running time 15:16)
Segment 4
(running time 4:35)

Dave Burzynski, Director of Marketing for APS joins us to talk about a recent offering we’ve discussed the last few weeks.

  • They are offering HomeServe insurance to customers.
  • Who it went to in the Phoenix area & why they offered the service.
  • Details on the offer and who it is geared towards. Some of you are NOT a good candidate for this plan.
  • What is NOT covered.
  • Opinions on this program by our Rosie-Certified Electricians.
  • Sanderson Ford

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